Building better and stronger relationships with your client base is more important today than ever before.

Getting a customer generally costs about 5 times as much as keeping one.  Not to mention the huge benefit that happy customer provides in the way of word of mouth advertising.  It is for this reason that Colorado Business Photos & Kimball Nelson Photography enthusiastically offers Send Out Cards to all it’s clients.

In this fast paced age of technology nothing beats your customer receiving a high quality card and image from your business thanking them, wishing them happy birthday or just checking in on how they like your product.

Help Your Business

Whether you are a dentist, salesperson or office worker, there has never been an easier way to send a genuine thank you, reminder or follow-up card. Greeting cards can be powerful business tools to help make sure your business clients and customers know just how important they are!

Create Campaigns

Want your best customers to see your new product or service? Create a campaign in minutes and have it sent to as many people as you want – perfect for announcements, invitations and holidays.

Act on a Prompting

When you act on a prompting you can change someone’s life. Send Out Card’s convenient system lets you send that birthday, anniversary or thank you card without the hassle of pen, paper, stamps, envelopes or mailboxes. Sending a card has never been so easy! With just the click of a button, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail the physical card for you.

Stay Organized

It can be exhausting to look up each address when sending a card. With our Contact Manager you can store all of your addresses in one place. When sending a card, simply select an address that’s been saved and we’ll do the rest.

Start Today!

Contact our studio about Send Out Cards and we’ll set you up to send a free card and you’ll see just how easy it is.  Call 970-472-1661 or email us at


Send Out Card Image Packages

As a professional photography studio and Send Out Card Representative we are able to combine our talents with the power of this unique product to showcase your businesses products and services.  Contact us for pricing on an affordable Send Out Card Image Package.